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‘Dune’ Will Be Streaming on HBO Max Earlier Than Expected
Oct 20, 2021 | The Wrap
Picture - ‘Dune’ Will Be Streaming on HBO Max Earlier Than Expected

At long last, “Dune” has arrived. Warner Bros.’ big-budget adaptation of the beloved Frank Herbert sci-fi novel is due for release this week, and audiences have multiple viewing options. There’s IMAX, of course, which is director Denis Villeneuve’s preferred method of seeing the film. There’s also the traditional theatrical option, which is a solid runner-up. But for those who decide to watch “Dune” on HBO Max, the film will be streaming earlier than many had anticipated.

“Dune” will be streaming on HBO Max on Oct. 21 starting at 6 pm ET as part of a “special preview.” That’s a full day earlier than the film’s official release date of Oct. 22, and coincides with early previews of the film that will be showing in theaters across the country on Thursday night.

However, “Dune” is only available to stream on HBO Max with the ad-free plan, and will only be streaming for 31 days from its theatrical release. So by late November, the only way to see “Dune” will be in theaters.