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Digitizing Spaces: Why keeping a digital copy of your physical space is key
Nov 20, 2021 | Venture Beat
Picture - Digitizing Spaces: Why keeping a digital copy of your physical space is key

The was contributed by Jon Mason, cofounder, and CEO of Hotspring

Every industry is currently riding the wave of ‘digital transformation’. Whether to increase efficiency and productivity or enable teams to operate remotely, most companies have been forced to reevaluate their operations in response to the pandemic. According to Flexera, 54% of companies worldwide said they are now prioritizing their digital transformation in 2021. But digitization doesn’t have to be like boiling the ocean. It’s never been quicker and more cost-effective to build out digital doubles which can provide the foundation for further development.

Many industries are in the midst of their digital transformation and are looking for ways to accelerate digitization within their businesses. Over the last decade, the evolution of 3D mapping technology has come on leaps and bounds. In fact, the global 3D mapping market is expected to grow by 15% to $7.6 billion by 2025. What once might have cost thousands of dollars and needed countless hours of work can now be produced on a digital tablet in minutes. For example, digitizing a physical space with a company like Matterport might only cost a couple hundred dollars. It has never been more accessible.

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