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16 hours ago | The Guardian
‘Now I know love is real!’ The people who gave up on romance – then found it in lockdown
Dating apps can be difficult and daunting at the best of times, and many users give up on them entirely. But for some the pandemic was a chance to reassess their priorities, and they were able to forge a much deeper connection
Sep 14, 2021 | The Guardian
Fetish fashion! What’s behind Kim Kardashian’s wild new look?
The socialite arrived at the prestigious event dressed head to foot in black - complete with a full head covering. Is it a tribute to Kanye’s new album or bondage chic?
Sep 14, 2021 | The Guardian
Condom ‘stealthing’ is a vile practice. California is right to ban it | Moira Donegan
Twelve per cent of women have experienced stealthing – and 10% of men have perpetrated it. The law is finally catching up
Sep 14, 2021 | The Guardian
I’m worried my husband’s porn use has ruined his sex drive
He lied to me about watching porn and now only wants sex when he’s already aroused. It makes me feel like I no longer turn him on
Sep 13, 2021 | The Guardian
Does overhearing your spouse’s work calls put you on edge? Me too. I found out why | Sophie Brickman
A couples therapist told me: ‘It can be very shocking to encounter a person you’re unfamiliar with, especially if we don’t like that version’
Sep 13, 2021 | The Guardian
Labia liberation! The movement to end vulva anxiety for good
Women have long been taught to be ashamed of their vulvas, with increasing numbers turning to cosmetic surgery in pursuit of genital ‘perfection’. But a new generation is fighting back
Sep 12, 2021 | The Guardian
How we met: ‘It took until I was 48 years old to meet the handsome prince’
Cathy, 56 and Maurizio, 58, became close after she hired him as a massage therapist in 2014. They now live together at their home in Welling, Kent
Sep 11, 2021 | The Guardian
Something about my perfect partner isn’t doing it for me…
Love is something you do rather than a thing you fall into, says Philippa Perry
Sep 11, 2021 | The Guardian
‘There’s risk in everything, right?’ The serendipity and agony of dating your neighbour
Finding love across the back fence or apartment corridor is a high risk, high reward proposition. Convenient? Yes. But also, potentially, mortifying
Sep 10, 2021 | The Guardian
Blind date: ‘I was mid-prosecco swig when he told me he didn’t drink’
Johnny, 24, artist, meets Gen, 23, postgraduate student
Sep 10, 2021 | The Guardian
My elderly mum is angry and lonely. What can I do? | Annalisa Barbieri
Your mother sounds depressed and anxious, says Annalisa Barbieri. The first port of call is her GP, to get her checked over physically and emotionally
Sep 09, 2021 | James M Sama
9 Simple Things Men Want In A Relationship
One of the most frequent comments I get on the countless articles I have about what women want in relationships, is: Hey man, what about what guys want?After 10+ years of writing — primarily about what women want in relationships — I’m no stranger to the frustration of the lack of material online about what us dudes want (need) as well.What’s more is, I believe some women are genuinely frustrated by the lack of communication that their partner gives, and they don’t know quite how to love him or what he’s truly looking for.Men are conditioned to hide their feelings and “not be needy,” but there is a difference between being needy and having needs.We all have needs in a relationship, so here are 8 to help you better understand your guy, because if he won’t tell you, I will:
Sep 08, 2021 | James M Sama
10 Positive Signs They’ll Make A Great Partner
We spend a lot of time talking about the red flags to look for in a partner or relationship. But, what about all of the positive signs that someone may actually be different from the rest and give you all that you deserve?Isn’t that what we’re looking for, anyway? So, why not understand what it looks like so we’ll recognize it when it shows up…?Here are 10 positive signs that someone just might be the real deal:When you’re building a relationship with someone new, they’ll always be putting their best foot forward. They’ll be on their best behavior and do whatever they can to win your affection — as they should.Note: This effort should be consistent and not fade after the “honeymoon phase” of the relationship, but that’s a conversation for another article.
Sep 08, 2021 | The Guardian
‘I’d rather be alone’: the influencers pushing for ‘relationship minimalism’
A group of young people are not only eschewing excess material items, but also meaningless relationships and ‘emotional clutter’
Sep 07, 2021 | AskMen
Which of These Popular Dating Apps Deserves Your Time?
With so many sites and apps out there focused on dating, it can be tough at times when deciding how to approach the concept. The pure proliferation of these digital dating options might even have you wishing for the return of analog ones, like IRL speed dating or personals in the local newspaper. But lest you get discouraged before even taking a shot at all, you might want to consider what are perhaps two of the top apps in the online dating game at the moment: Tinder and Bumble.RELATED:All the Best Online Dating Sites and Apps, ReviewedThough Tinder was launched in September 2012, a little over two years before Bumble’s December 2014 launch, its younger app sibling has covered a fair amount of cultural ground in recent years. While Tinder’s raw user numbers dwarf Bumble’s — in no small part because of its success outside the United States, making it a truly global app — Bumble is still the second highest-grossing dating app in the world, boasting over 12.3 million monthly active users, according to SensorTower.
Sep 06, 2021 | James M Sama
9 Eye-Opening Reasons You Miss Relationship Red Flags
How many times have you found yourself trudging through the emotional muck of a breakup, only to make [another] promise to yourself that you’ll “never ignore those red flags again”?Yet, here you are, reading this article about why these same patterns keep finding their way into your life.The good news [sort of…] is that you’re not alone. Countless people find themselves experiencing heartbreak that could’ve been avoided if they recognized warning signs earlier into a relationship.So, why can’t you seem to snap yourself out of the attraction to all of the wrong people?Here are 10 possible reasons why:If that stings a bit, it probably should.Our society has been shaping us to seek the validation of others in order to feel “complete.” We need to have that watch, or that purse, or that many Instagram followers or be liked by everyone in order to really be valuable in this world.
Sep 06, 2021 | The Guardian
Tell us: how did you get over heartbreak?
We would like to hear your experiences and tips for the best ways to heal a broken heart
Sep 06, 2021 | The Guardian
How we met: ‘He said my nails looked nice, and I knew there was something there’
Todd, 47, and India, 27, met when she walked into his office on her police duties. They now live together in St Augustine, Florida
Sep 05, 2021 | The Guardian
In a society that fetishises female self-sacrifice, saying ‘no’ saved me | Grace Jennings-Edquist
Women continue to take on a disproportionate amount of unpaid household labour and the ‘mental load’. But the road to ‘no’ can be a long one
Sep 04, 2021 | The Guardian
I can’t commit to anything, I feel no eagerness to live
Something or someone stole the steering wheel of your life, you need to get it back, says Philippa Perry
Sep 03, 2021 | The Guardian
Blind date: ‘We disagreed about whether aliens existed’
Cam, 26, consultant, meets Ash, 29, police analyst
Sep 03, 2021 | The Guardian
My dad scorns my career goals. How do I keep us from falling out? | Annalisa Barbieri
You need to talk to him, but set the scene so that your father is more receptive to your point of view, says Annalisa Barbieri
Sep 01, 2021 | James M Sama
The 10 Point Guide To Moving On After A Breakup
Why is it that breakups are so devastating? We’ve all gone through them before, and we know from experience that we are capable of finding someone else somewhere down the line. Yet, going through a breakup can feel like the end of the world and keep us out of commission for days, weeks, or months.A breakup isn’t just about the loss of a person — it’s about the loss of a future that you expected to live.The future plans, the future wedding, the future kids, the future house, the future future…gone in the blink of an eye.Of course you’ll experience a wide range of emotions during the process. Sadness, anger, regret…but none of these give you the power to decide how you’re going to move forward with your life.
Sep 01, 2021 | The Guardian
My husband just told me he is bisexual. Should I be worried about our future?
He later said that it’s just the male physique he’s attracted to, but I feel he’s not being completely honest with me
Aug 31, 2021 | The Guardian
My radical love experiment shows there is light at the end of pandemic dating – and it isn’t a laptop screen | Patrick Lenton
As I slid into her DMs, I entered the dystopian nightmare of romance across hard borders. But love can grow in the most infertile and unlikely soils
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