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8 hours ago | The Guardian
I have fun with my girlfriend, but she has no prospects | Philippa Perry
People are more than the job that they do. Don’t let your friends and family decide for you – let this relationship run its course
Nov 26, 2021 | The Guardian
Blind date: ‘He was fully on board when I suggested we order champagne’
Alizée, 25, advertising account manager, meets Rhys, 34, chef
Nov 26, 2021 | The Guardian
Do I need to leave my partner for the sake of my fragile son? | Ask Annalisa Barbieri
It’s all about your partner, your son, your dad, your friends. You need to find a way to include your own needs in whatever you decide
Nov 26, 2021 | The Guardian
The secret to great sex? It’s not what you think …
There’s more to good sex than complicated positions or wild lust. The authors of a groundbreaking study explain what really makes it great
Nov 26, 2021 | The Guardian
You be the judge: should my husband spend more time with our baby?
We air both sides of a domestic disagreement – and ask you to deliver a verdict
Nov 25, 2021 | The Guardian
I am a 25-year-old woman who has never reached orgasm. What should I do?
I have experienced an unpleasant pulsing sensation – but that seems a far cry from how an orgasm is usually described
Nov 23, 2021 | Love and Life Toolbox
Be Grateful for You
Thanksgiving is a time of reflection and pause around gratitude, sharing this with the people closest to you.  Families come together from near and far to share meals, games, conversation, walks and other activities.  Many have the tradition of going around the table to express the things they are grateful for, which can include health, the food on the table and each other.These practices are a wonderful way to slow down and be in the moment.  All of the usual things to honor on this day never get old but rather serve as important reminders before everyone slips back into their flurried lives.  And it feels like this Thanksgiving is particularly poignant after all that we as a society have gone through together.  Covid impact and the emotional drain of the political landscape over the last several years has been enormous.  Things have improved in so many wonderful ways, albeit concerns remain.
Nov 22, 2021 | AskMen
Spending Thanksgiving With Your In-Laws? Here's How to Handle It
The holiday season is descending upon us once again, which means being forced to ritualistically spend time with extended family is virtually inevitable.If you’re married or in a serious relationship, it also means you have no choice but to involuntarily shack up with your partner’s parents for at least a few days sometime between now and January 1st. If you’re about to spend turkey day with your in-laws, there are a few things you can do to mitigate the psychic turmoil you’re about to endure.RELATED:Your Ultimate Checklist to Host the Holidays Like a HeroBelow, you’ll find a few tips and tricks that should help get you through an entire Thanksgiving Meal with your partner’s whole family.
Nov 22, 2021 | The Guardian
My pandemic puppy is ruining my hot vax summer | A single Melbourne woman
Every date I bring home must first be accosted by the little bronze pooch who has no respect for personal space or dignity
Nov 22, 2021 | The Guardian
How we met: ‘I told him my father had died and he said I’d never be alone’
Jackie, 79, and Colin, 81, became pen friends in 1958 during his army service in Hong Kong and met two years later when he was home on leave. They recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary
Nov 20, 2021 | The Guardian
From the archive: falling in love in the permissive society, April 1968
What chance was there for true romance in the swinging 60s? By Chris Hall
Nov 20, 2021 | The Guardian
My mother’s secrets weigh too heavily on our relationship
There’s no reason to carry the weight of your mother’s decisions. You need to take control of her secrets by writing them down in order, says Philippa Perry
Nov 19, 2021 | The Guardian
Blind date: ‘He ate his burger with a knife and fork’
Ivan, 28, activist, meets Ethan, 23, masters student/waiter
Nov 17, 2021 | The Guardian
Yes, yes, YES! Vibrator adverts are finally coming to the New York subway | Arwa Mahdawi
After a three-year legal battle, there’s something new to break up the posters for boob jobs and erectile dysfunction pills, writes Arwa Mahdawi
Nov 16, 2021 | The Guardian
I’ve got a great new boyfriend – but how can we make the sex better?
We want to stay together, but he says he’s not satisfied and I don’t want to have sex just to keep him happy
Nov 15, 2021 | The Guardian
How we met: ‘My love life was in lockdown. I’d given up looking’
Clare, 36, fell for Leon, 41, after spotting him on a plane. They now live with her two children in Ipswich
Nov 14, 2021 | The Guardian
Dan Savage: ‘When politicians leave sex alone, I’ll leave politics alone’
Dan Savage is the world’s most influential sex columnist, who regularly offends both conservatives and liberals with his radical views. On the 30th anniversary of his column he tells Eva Wiseman how, for all the controversy, what he’s really interested in is how to make long-term relationships work
Nov 13, 2021 | The Guardian
I’ve been introduced to a new holiday called ‘Singles’ Day’. I wish I hadn’t | Jessa Crispin
Singles’ Day is a Chinese holiday turned online shopping bonanza. But Americans, too, love to buy things to fill our gaping existential despair
Nov 12, 2021 | The Guardian
Blind date: ‘He mentioned he is trained to butcher animals – right after I told him I was a vegetarian’
Zardi, 26, chef, meets Nadia, 32, civil servant
Nov 12, 2021 | The Guardian
Why does my younger sister hate our older sister?
Each sibling has their own memories of growing up; you and she are both entitled to yours, says Annalisa Barbieri
Nov 12, 2021 | The Guardian
You be the judge: should my girlfriend stop reusing teabags?
We air both sides of a domestic disagreement – and ask you to deliver a verdict
Nov 10, 2021 | The Guardian
The great turn-off: has Covid put single men off sex?
Eighty per cent of American men say sex is less important to them now than it was before the pandemic. What’s going on?
Nov 09, 2021 | AskMen
5 Chest Exercises That Are Better Than the Bench Press
If you think you’ll get pecs that put Hercules to shame just by pressing a barbell again and again on repeat, you’re going to be lying on that bench for a very long time. While the barbell chest press has its merit — it can target multiple muscles in the chest, arm, and shoulders in just one exercise — “when targeting the chest, pushing movements aren’t everything,” says Blake Holman, C.P.T., fitness nutrition specialist, and sports performance specialist.RELATED:The Best Barbell Exercises for Bigger MusclesYou want to set up the right balance between pushing and pulling movements specifically. “A good rule of thumb is for every push movement in your routine there should be two pull exercises,” Holman. “This will help ensure proper posture and prevent injuries.”
Nov 09, 2021 | The Guardian
‘He drives me mad!’ Why don’t we dump toxic friends?
According to psychologists, ‘ambivalent’ relationships can cause us more stress than being with people we actively dislike. Is it time to let go – or can these friendships be salvaged?
Nov 09, 2021 | The Guardian
My husband and I are trying for a baby – but it’s turning him off sex
Something that should be a pleasure has become a chore and he’s having trouble getting aroused
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Former Cambodian PM dies in France: Minister
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The shape of edge AI to come
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