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This is How The Human Brain Processes Color
The American Museum of Natural History has published a helpful video that explains how the human brain processes color and shines a light on the importance of color accuracy in technology.Photographers spend a lot of time and money ensuring their images are captured and rendered with the best color accuracy possible. From purchasing and using color checker and white balance cards, buying expensive high-end displays, and investing even more money on calibration software and hardware to ensure everything is as accurate and consistent as possible. Clearly many photographers go above and beyond for the sake of color, but do many stop to think about what affects how humans process color? The explanation of what is actually happening shines a light on why consistent color accuracy in cameras and display devices is so important.
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77-Year-Old Brazilian Photographer Wins Japan’s $137,000 Art Award
The Praemium Imperiale award — one of the world’s top art prizes by The Japan Art Association — has been granted to the esteemed Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado.The award — which is one of the world’s largest cash art awards — granted 15 million Japanese Yen — approximately $137,000 — to four international recipients each, with Salgado being one of them. The award was presented by the Japan Art Association, under its honorary patron, Prince Hitachi, as reported by Art News and The Art Newspaper.Salgado was selected from lists that are submitted by “international advisors” from a number of countries. After potential finalist names have been proposed to the Japan Art Association, specialist committees in Tokyo make the final selection to announce the winners. The Japan Art Association’s Praemium Imperiale award describes Salgado’s work as “a spotlight on the dispossessed and exploited, the beauty of nature and the fragility of the world and its inhabitants.”
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Cyberlink Launches PhotoDirector 13, Super-Charges its AI-Powered Tools
Cyberlink has announced PhotoDirector 13, which promises improved AI-editing tools, integration of Getty and Shutterstock libraries, and adds new lighting effects and color adjustment features. Founded in Taiwan, Cyberlink has developed and owns over 200 patented technologies across multimedia software and AI facial recognition.The Director 365 editing suite is one of the company’s products and consists of four apps — PowerDirector for AI-powered video editing, ColorDirector for color grading, AudioDirector for editing audio files, and PhotoDirector for image post-processing — all of which have been updated today.PhotoDirector 13 — the latest version of the photo editing software — is a multi-layer editor that blends image post-processing with graphics and animation.
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Camera Balance: An Often Overlooked But Important Feature
While the broad strokes of what is wanted on a camera usually revolve around the imaging fundamentals — resolution, ISO performance, AF, et cetera — there are some functions of camera design that have a significant impact on creating that often can be overlooked. The aspect that I want to discuss today is that of balance. By balance, I am talking about how the chassis works together with the lens in a way that makes creating more fluid for the photographer. To be honest, this was an issue that hadn’t been on my mind all that much over the years, as I mostly shot camera bodies that had a built-in vertical grip or were medium format and were therefore larger. However, with the emerging dominance of mirrorless bodies, size and weight have come under so much scrutiny, and that has been at a cost of balance.
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Our Comprehensive Sony Lens Guide Now Has 79 Great Lens Reviews!
We’re incredibly excited today to announce that we’ve updated our Sony Lens Guide for full frame photographers. We encourage you to check it out. We’ve reviewed over 79 lenses for Sony full frame cameras. What’s more, you’ll find pretty much anything you’re looking for. Of course, there are Sony lens reviews. But there’s also great stuff from Tamron, Sigma, Zeiss, Zenit, Tokina and more. Many journalists have worked on these reviews over the years. And in the Sony Lens Guide, you’ll find pricing and snippets from each of our reviews. More importantly, we’re only linking to the lenses that we’ve done full reviews on. As you probably know, we’ve reviewed the most lenses of any photo publication around. We invite you to head on over and take a look at our Sony Lens Guide.
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Launch of Skylum Luminar Neo Confuses and Frustrates Customers
Skylum recently announced a new editing application called Luminar Neo, but customers who have been loyal for years are confused and frustrated that the company would launch new software rather than support the current Luminar AI.Skylum (formerly known as Macphun) is a photo editing software company that has been vying to be an Adobe Alternative for several years.Starting with the launch of Luminar, then with Luminar AI, and most recently Luminar Neo, the company has faced repeated backlash for sunsetting — retiring — its software and pushing users to buy new stand-alone applications instead of just updating current ones. Even Photofocus, a publication that is intrinsically linked with Skylum, has written about the confusion and frustration voiced by the customer base.
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Amateur Astronomer Captures Space Rock Slamming Into Jupiter
Something massive slammed into Jupiter this week, and a Brazilian amateur astronomer had his camera aimed at the gas giant at just the right time to capture the event. Earlier this week, astronomy enthusiast José Luis Pereira set up his telescope and camera (a Newtonian 275mm f/5.3 telescope and a QHY5III462C camera) in São Caetano do Sul, São Paulo, Brazil, to shoot images of Jupiter — he often makes observations of planets on nights with clear skies.While the camera was rolling on Monday night, there was suddenly a bright flash on the planet, indicating that a large space rock had likely slammed into our solar system’s largest planet. The astrophotographer discovered the flash when reviewing the set of 25 videos he had captured for a program called DeTeCt, which tracks impacts on Jupiter and Saturn.
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Photo Of The Day By Garry Everett
Today’s Photo Of The Day is “Liquid Fog” by Garry Everett. Location: Pacific Grove, California.“A long exposure taken of the rock formations and incoming waves, which gave the water a fog-like appearance,” says Everett. Want to get your images in the running for a Photo of the Day feature? Photo of the Day is chosen from various galleries, including Assignments, Galleries and Contests. Assignments have weekly winners that are featured on the website homepage, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To get your photos in the running, all you have to do is submit them.
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Senators to Investigate Instagram: Congress Members Say Facebook Lied
Two leading members of the Senate Commerce Committee’s panel over consumer protection have said they will launch an investigation into Facebook following the report that the company was aware its product was harmful to teens. As reported by The Verge, Senators Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), Chair and Ranking Member of the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Subcommittee on Consumer Protection, Product Safety, and Data Security, announced that their subcommittee would take additional steps to look into Facebook’s knowledge of its platforms’ negative impact on teenagers. The issue has come under scrutiny following a report from The Wall Street Journal.“It is clear that Facebook is incapable of holding itself accountable,” the two Senators’ joint statement reads. “The Wall Street Journal’s reporting reveals Facebook’s leadership to be focused on a growth-at-all-costs mindset that valued profits over the health and lives of children and teens.”
8 hours ago | PetaPixel
GoPro Unveils the Hero10 Black: 23MP Photos, 5.3K Video at 60fps
GoPro has officially announced the Hero10 Black featuring a larger 23-megapixel photo resolution and a better processor that allows for 5.3K video at up 60 frames per second and 4K video at up to 120 frames per second. The GoPro Hero10 Black, , while leaked at the end of August, is no less impressive now at its official launch. The company has updated the processor to the GP2 which it says delivers a mix of better image quality and higher frame rates, including 2.7K video at 240 frames per second, 4K at up to 120 frames per second, and 5.3K at up to 60 frames per second. That processor also promises a “snappier” user interface. The Hero10 uses a new 23-megapixel sensor that GoPro promises will include better low light performance. Additionally, GoPro has enabled the ability to pull 19.6-megapixel video stills to be pulled from 5K 4:3 video at 30 frames per second and 15.8-megapixel video stills from 5.3K video at 60 frames per second.
11 hours ago | The Phoblographer
Stop Hoarding Film! The Best Time to Shoot Film Photography Is Now!
Fact: You will seldom know when the perfect moment is happening. That’s the truth. If you’re like me, you’re a hybrid photographer: you shoot film and digital. You shoot any medium that gets the job done. But for a long time, I’ve been told that I should get as much film as I can, freeze it, and then just shoot it whenever I want. That’s a great idea, but I think the pandemic taught me that the best time to do something is now. Don’t put it off. You never know when you’ll have the time to shoot some film. So I’ve started to go through lots of films for the pure joy of shooting. That, and it’s a joy to not look at a screen on a camera.Deep in the back of my refrigerator are two bags. Both of them are filled with mostly 120 film and large format. Then I’ve got two small film cases of 35mm film. Those small film cases have a few rolls of Natura 1600, PRO 400H, and some other random films from places like the Brooklyn Instant Film Initiative. But most of what I’ve got is 120. There’s PRO 400H, Portra, 800T, TMax, Acros II, etc. And I’ve recently reasoned with myself that now is the best time to shoot with them. 
17 hours ago | The Phoblographer
E-Ink Screens Could Rekindle Photography’s Romance of the Print
Confession: I really hate staring at screens. I think the Fujifilm X Pro 3 and the Leica M10D are two of the most brilliant cameras of our time. They help keep us focused on what’s important. The E-Ink screen on the X Pro 3 also uses super low amounts of energy. With that said, I think it’s time that we make photography romantic again. I’ve written about this a number of times. And as the world progresses, the photography world has become better and better. But I think that E-Ink screens are the next step camera manufacturers need to take. Specifically, they need to find a way to make the refresh rate increase, add touch capabilities, and more. For what it’s worth, it’s not like any of that isn’t possible right now.
18 hours ago | Light Stalking
2021 NAB Show Cancelled Amid COVID-19 Concerns
The novel coronavirus continues to make it nearly impossible to hold massive industry-wide conferences as NAB Show announces it is canceling its 2021 exhibition.This comes on the heels of news that Sony, Canon, and Panasonic, among others, were pulling out of a number of shows due to COVID-19 worries.And while all of that is quite understandable, it does make us wonder when things will return to normal, if ever.“For more than a year we have worked tirelessly to bring our industry together safely in Las Vegas at NAB Show. Unfortunately, the pandemic and surge of the Delta variant has presented unexpected and insurmountable challenges for our global community.As we have always kept the best interest and safety of the industry as our priority, it has become apparent in the face of these challenges that we can no longer effectively host NAB Show or our co-located events, the Radio Show and Sales and Management Television Exchange, in person.”
23 hours ago | The Phoblographer
7 Easy Photography Genres That Anyone Can Do!
I love the fact that there are so many genres of photography. The diversity is what makes our craft so enjoyable. I’ve dabbled in many genres of photography, but it’s street photography where I feel most at home. I’ve also got friends and peers from various backgrounds in the photographic field. With that said, we will look at which are the easiest genres to practice, all of which anyone can do!Want to get your work featured? Here’s how to do it!“Oh yeah, I’m a photographer,” said Steve. “Really? I’d love to see your photographs,” replied Paul. Steve then pulls out his phone and shows Paul hundreds of photos he took of graffiti, paintings, and other pieces of other people’s artwork. “Seems like you’re just taking photos of people’s artwork, hardly makes you a photographer,” Paul says to Steve. Steve cries into his Leica and walks home. Easy stuff!
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Internal Facebook Research Shows Instagram is Toxic for Teen Girls
According to internal research obtained by The Wall Street Journal, Facebook knows that Instagram can be toxic and harmful for teen girls. Instagram has responded that these findings, while true, only focus on the negative. In a detailed report, The Wall Street Journal found that not only is Instagram harmful to young girls, its executives have struggled to find a way to reduce that harm while also keeping people on the platform. Instagram has tried multiple ways to reduce issues such as hiding “like” counts — a feature that was rolled out but made optional. The main issue with toxicity is linked to social pressure and bullying that young girls feel from using the social network, issues that are intrinsically tied to the popularity contest that is Instagram. Fixing the problems exacerbated by Instagram while also keeping it engaging seem to be goals that are at odds, and are perhaps unreconcilable.
23 hours ago | Outdoor Photographer
Summer Sunrises and Sunsets Assignment Winner Max Foster
Congratulations to Max Foster for winning the Summer Sunrises and Sunsets Assignment with the image, “The Hills Are Alive.” See more of Foster’s photography at maxfosterphotography.com.
24 hours ago | PetaPixel
A Review of the Fujifilm XF 90mm f/2.0 R LM WR Lens
I think lens decisions are even more of a personal choice than the camera system. In the 30 days I had to use the Fujinon XF 90mm f/2.0 R LM OIS, I learned a lot about the capabilities of this lens and was also reminded about my personal preferences in creating photos. Full disclosure: Fujifilm USA loaned me the Fujinon XF 90mm f/2.0 R LM OIS lens, with no expectations of producing a review or opportunity to review this content before publication.The Fujinon XF 90mm f/2.0 R LM WR, with its full-from focal length equivalence of 135mm, is a relatively large lens (540 grams and 105mm long). This is especially true when compared to the other Fujinon f/2 primes. However, it is quite a bit smaller and lighter than the Fujinon XF 80mm f/2.8 R LM OIS WR macro lens.
Sep 15, 2021 | PetaPixel
Cosina Launches the Voigtlander 28mm f/2.8 SL II S for Nikon F-Mount
Cosina has announced the Voigtlander Color-Skopar 28mm f/2.8 SL II S Aspherical lens for Nikon F-mount. This all-metal manual lens is an homage to Nikon’s film lenses from the 1960s. The Voigtlander Color-Skopar 28mm f/2.8 SL II S is described by Cosina as a wide-angle lens with sharp image quality from edge to edge. The focusing unit is equipped with a helicoid ring with a long extension which allows it to achieve a minimum focusing distance of 0.15 meters (about 5.9 inches). The lens features seven elements in six groups and uses one double-sided aspherical element. As mentioned, the Voigtlander Color-Skopar 28mm f/2.8 features an all-metal body, focus ring, and aperture ring and includes a large carved finger grip in what Cosina describes as a “knurled” pattern made with precision cutting. this was done not only for the aforementioned nostalgia factor but also for the feeling it provides during manual operation.
Sep 15, 2021 | PetaPixel
Nikon Was Almost Named ‘Nikorette’
In a documented but little-known fact, Nikon was very close to being instead named “Nikorette.” The name was only changed when executives were afraid that the word sounded “weak.”Capa Camera Web recently published an article (first spotted by Nikon Rumors) that details the history of Nikon’s name, and in it reveals that Nikon was tenatively called “Nikorette” when the company was developing its first cameras. The “NIKKOR” name is an abbreviation of the company name at the time (which was “Nikko” with the added “R” that was often used at the end of a name of a photographic lens). The first official Nikkor product was the aerial camera lens Aero-NIKKOR made in 1933, and the naming structure of these lenses remains the same to this day.
Sep 15, 2021 | PetaPixel
Photographing Glowing Mushrooms in Singapore
Singapore is home to a number of bioluminescent fungi. Out of over 148,000 known species of fungi across the world, over 70 of them are known to exhibit bioluminescence. All known luminescent species are white-rot fungi, which means that it breaks down lignin in wood. Lignin is responsible for the support tissues in plants and lends rigidity to wood and bark, which is why trees and logs with white-rot fungi tend to be moist, soft, spongy, or stringy. This wood decay forms a critical component in the forest’s nutrient cycle.There are limited studies done to determine the reasons for the glow. The most commonly suggested hypothesis is that the light attracts other invertebrates which help to disperse its spores. Experiments had been done with plastic mushrooms with and without lights, where the one with simulated lights attracted a lot more insects. However, using plastic mushrooms left out many other factors so it was still inconclusive.
Sep 15, 2021 | PetaPixel
A Closer Look: How I Created a 248MP Photo of the Sun
A big ball of light hovers above our heads everyday. It is always there and most people take very little time to notice it. While we are not suggesting that you spend time staring at it and going blind in the process, science has allowed us the ability to look directly at the sun in the safest ways. As consumer technology has become more affordable, the average person can peer into the multiple layers of the sun using dedicated equipment that can be purchased at any good telescope retailer. In this article, we will be focusing specifically on a layer known as the Chromosphere: an area of the sun that is visible within the orange to red spectrum. Using a specialized filter, this device blocks out all unwanted light while passing the specific bandpass we are looking at.
Sep 15, 2021 | PetaPixel
The Photos of 9/11, Twenty Years Later
Prior to the advent of social media and smartphones, and on the cusp of the shift to digital photography, the world witnessed September 11, 2001. Visually captured in a way that no single event had been documented before, 9/11 has been seared into our collective consciousness. Each year, the anniversary generates galleries of images and videos that replay the day in exquisite and excruciating detail, yielding a mix of emotions from horror to sadness to relief.In 2019, journalist Garrett Graf stated in a C-SPAN interview, “You know, this is a particularly interesting and momentous anniversary this year, because we are seeing this shift nationally of 9/11 from memory to history.” The “whatever happened to” pieces had been written, the government reports had been published, and history textbooks had already condensed the chaos of the day, the circumstances that precipitated it, and the aftermath into a few brief paragraphs like a yearbook entry for any other 18-year-old.
Sep 15, 2021 | PetaPixel
AP Sponsors Print Sale to Raise Money for Afghan Women Journalists
The Network of Women in Media, India (NWMI) has launched a print sale initiative together with the Associated Press (AP) to raise funds for women journalists affected by the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan.The recent political crisis in Afghanistan has affected numerous lives of the citizens, both those who still remain in the country and those who have managed to flee.Press and media professionals — both local and foreign — who cover news and events in the country have been impacted through severely imposed censorship and, more importantly, life-threatening aggression under the new regime. The situation is even more so dangerous for women and women professionals in particular.NWMI — a non-funded, non-partisan forum for women in the media —  has announced it stands in solidarity with Afghan women journalists during this period of political crisis. One part of its mission is to raise money through a print sale, run in partnership with The Media Safety & Solidarity Fund and in collaboration with AP, which provided the photographs.
Sep 15, 2021 | PetaPixel
Can We Please Stop Talking About Watt Seconds?
Photography is evolving — Dramatically! I am talking about advances with smartphones, mirrorless cameras, and AI technology — this is an exciting time to be a photographer. But there must be a better way than watt-seconds to compare lights.The change that excites me the most is the evolution of the tools that we use for lighting. Traditionally, every new photographer was taught to purchase a speedlight. Then many photographers would graduate to studio strobes or monolights. Cinematographers used big, heavy, and expensive tungsten and halogen lights. But in the last 15 years, as cameras have become much better at shooting at higher ISOs and photographers have started shooting video with the same cameras, the evolution of LED lighting has brought us lighting gear that is smaller and lighter and now even more reasonably priced. LED lights come in all shapes and sizes and are opening the door to a hybrid approach to lighting that opens so many creative possibilities.
Sep 15, 2021 | PetaPixel
Photos of Kuwait 30 Years After the Gulf War
Kuwait is known for its oil, the Gulf War, the Daguet division, and the “Desert Storm” operation. But what most people are not privy to is its rich history, heritage, and architecture. It is a country where more than 90% of the population lives in its capital, Kuwait City, where the demolition of many historic sites has taken on such epic proportions that soon, no trace of history will remain erected, leaving room for even more new buildings, malls, and other business centers.2021 is the 60th anniversary of the country’s independence and the 30th anniversary of the end of the Gulf War. With the help of professor Hasan Ashkanani, this series aims to tell the history of the country and its people, and build a cultural archive composed of images and testimonies of a heritage soon to disappear.
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