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6 hours ago | Yahoo Finance
Powell: Fed is evaluating launch of digital currency
CoinDesk Learn Editor Ollie Leech joins Yahoo Finance to discuss the Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's comments on digital currency and if NFL star Tom Brady should be taking his salary in cryptocurrency.
7 hours ago | Yahoo Money
Car Theft Is Up, and Your Insurance May Cover Less Than You Think
Auto theft — a scourge of car owners that had all but disappeared in recent years — is coming back. And these days your car insurance may cover a smaller share of your financial loss than in decades past.With new and used vehicle prices soaring during the pandemic, car theft is on the rise. After six years in which the number of vehicles stolen declined or held steady, data released this month shows thefts soared by 11% between 2019 and 2020, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.
8 hours ago | Yahoo Money
Expanded definition of domestic violence could help survivors recover from financial abuse
If the Senate reauthorizes the Violence Against Women Act this year, the legislation could include for the first time a clear definition of economic abuse, a type of control that can prevent survivors of domestic violence from reclaiming their lives.The bill would follow one that passed in Connecticut in June that also broadened the definition of abuse to include financial control or limiting of financial resources by a partner.
10 hours ago | Yahoo Finance
Reconciliation bill holds major changes for retirement saving
Gordon Gray, American Action Forum Director of Fiscal Policy, joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss retirement savings provisions, taxes, and outlook on the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill in regards to retirement.
10 hours ago | CNBC
The Fed holds rates near zero but your borrowing costs could still rise
Even though theFederal Reserve didn't raise its benchmark rate Wednesday, your borrowing costs may still start to head higher.Rising prices brought on by the economic recovery are paving the way for the central bank to unwind last year's bond buying. While the central bank said that interest rates will stay near zero for now, the tapering of bond purchases is seen as the first step on the way to interest rate hikes.And that, alone, may impact the rate you pay on your mortgage, credit card and car loan."Tapering itself is going to increase yields in the medium- and long-term horizons, which will translate into higher borrowing costs," said Yiming Ma, an assistant finance professor at Columbia University Business School.
10 hours ago | Yahoo Finance
Fed signals possibility of 6 to 7 rate hikes through 2024 as taper talks advance
The Federal Reserve on Wednesday telegraphed it could hike rates six to seven times by the end of 2024, illustrating the central bank’s optimism that the COVID-19 recovery will progress well enough for the Fed to tighten its easy money policies in a few years.The policy-setting Federal Open Market Committee still held interest rates at near-zero in its updated statement, but said it had advanced talks on paring back its asset purchase program.
10 hours ago | CNBC
Why the White House and Democrats use $400,000 as the threshold for taxing 'the rich'
President Joe Biden and House Democrats have unveiled plans to raise taxes on households with more than $400,000 of annual income, and cut or maintain taxes for those below the line.But what's the significance of this tax-policy North Star?At its core, the policy aims to collect more tax revenue from the wealthiest Americans. Income of at least $400,000 represents roughly the top 1% to 2% of households, according to tax data and policy experts.More from Personal Finance: House Democrats propose limit on a popular tech industry tax break What debt ceiling woes could mean for Social Security benefits Why renters are struggling so much nowBut the reasons for choosing $400,000 as a line demarcating the rich from lower and middle earners aren't entirely clear, since the number doesn't precisely match household tax statistics, experts said.
11 hours ago | Yahoo Money
This New Tool Lets You Check the Vaccination Rate at Your Loved One’s Nursing Home
COVID-19 has devastated nursing homes across the U.S., with more than 186,000 residents and staff killed by the virus in the past year and a half. Yet despite the ready availability of the coronavirus vaccine, more than 15% of nursing home residents and more than 30% of staff across the country remained unvaccinated at the end of last month.Now, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has designed a tool to help families view and compare up-to-date vaccination rates at nursing homes.
11 hours ago | Yahoo Money
Frustrated House Hunters Are Giving up on Buying Only to Face an Expensive Rental Market
Cramped in a one-bedroom, new parents Kristina and David Mahon were desperate to buy a larger home. But after scouring the Pompano Beach, Florida market for nearly a year (and losing out on 20 houses in the process), the pair eventually gave up.Now, the couple — with a 10-month old baby in tow, no less — are renting, a decision Kristina says they felt “forced” into.“I feel like I’m wasting money for something that’s not mine,” Kristina says. The rental“options were very limited, and the prices were on the high side of what we were comfortable spending on a rental.”
11 hours ago | Yahoo Finance
Expect lower growth expectations and higher inflation forecast from the Fed: Analyst
Brian Nick, Nuveen Chief Investment Strategist joins the Yahoo Finance Live panel with the latest market action.
11 hours ago | CNBC
Some parents still haven't received the September child tax credit payment
On Sept. 15, millions of families received the third advance child tax credit payment automatically from the IRS.But others who got their July and August payments without a problem have yet to get their money.Sarene Leeds, 44, is one such parent. The freelance writer in White Plains, New York, was expecting to get $300 in September for her 5-year-old daughter. Leeds got the first payment in July via direct deposit and a paper check for August.That struck her as odd, as she'd signed up for direct deposit and the IRS portal lists that as her preferred method of delivery, so she didn't inquire further.More from Invest in You: How to prevent money disagreements from destroying families The No. 1 reason people want to change careers (and it's not pay) Tax credits could boost refunds for low-income families this year
12 hours ago | CNBC
Why renters are struggling so much now
Millions of renters are at risk of financial hardship as federal and state relief measures wind down.That's a new warning from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which found that the pandemic-era safety net helped renters across the U.S. maintain stability during months of historic unemployment and uncertainty.Now those protections are running out: The national eviction moratorium is over, few states are still banning the proceedings and the $45 billion in rental assistance allocated by Congress to address the crisis has been painfully slow to reach people.Around 10.7 million renters remain behind on their rent, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.The average debt in Maryland, where nearly 19% of renters are behind, is more than $4,500, according to data provided to CNBC by Surgo Ventures, a nonprofit organization focusing on health and data. The typical balance in California, where 15% of renters are not caught up, is closer to $5,200.
12 hours ago | Yahoo Finance
FedEx just painted a disturbing picture of the job market
Do a read through of the disappointing earnings report out of FedEx on Tuesday night and you get the sense non-farm payrolls reports for the rest of 2021 may surprise economists to the downside. The problem (one that may be getting worse, per FedEx)? Finding humans to accept jobs in a very tight labor market even at higher rates than what the specific job would have paid months ago. "The impact of constrained labor markets remains the biggest issue facing our business as with many other companies around the world and was the key driver of our lower than expected results in the first quarter," FedEx COO Raj Subramaniam told analysts on an earnings call.
12 hours ago | Yahoo Finance
Nerdy makes public debut amid online learning boom
Nerdy Founder, Chairman, and CEO Chuck Cohn joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss the comany's public debut.
12 hours ago | Yahoo Money
PayPal Is Launching a High-Yield Savings Account
PayPal is the latest company attempting to attract savers who aren’t happy with today’s low interest rates from traditional savings accounts.The financial services company, which has traditionally been used to make digital payments between people and businesses, announced that its new app features include a high-yield savings account called PayPal Savings, which will roll out to U.S. customers in the coming months.
12 hours ago | Yahoo Money
15-Year Mortgage Refinance Rates Stick at Near-Record Lows for 46th Straight Day
Credible Operations, Inc. NMLS# 1681276, “Credible.” Not available in all states. www.nmlsconsumeraccess.org.Based on data compiled by Credible, mortgage refinance rates have remained unchanged since yesterday.30-year fixed-rate refinance: 2.875%, unchanged20-year fixed-rate refinance: 2.500%, unchanged15-year fixed-rate refinance: 2.125%, unchanged10-year fixed-rate refinance: 2.000%, unchanged
12 hours ago | Yahoo Money
As Autumn Arrives, 15-year Mortgage Rates Fall Below 2%
Credible Operations, Inc. NMLS# 1681276, “Credible.” Not available in all states. www.nmlsconsumeraccess.org.Based on data compiled by Credible, mortgage rates are a mixed bag since yesterday: Two key terms fell, one rose, and one remained unchanged.30-year fixed mortgage rates: 2.875%, up from 2.750%, +0.12520-year fixed mortgage rates: 2.375%, down from 2.500%, -0.12515-year fixed mortgage rates: 1.990%, down from 2.000%, -0.010
13 hours ago | Yahoo Finance
Vimeo is the market leader in innovation: analyst
Wells Fargo Sr. Equity Analyst Brian Fitzgerald joins Yahoo Finance to discuss the reasoning behind the bullish positioning on Vimeo, how Vimeo will compete against platforms like YouTube, and the impact of Vimeo’s partnerships.
13 hours ago | Yahoo Finance
Houses Passess bill to avoid government shutdown
Jessica Smith joins Brian Sozzi and Emily McCormick to break down The House bill that would help avoid a government shutdown on October 1 by funding the government and suspending the debt limit for a short-term and how Republican opposition in the Senate could lead to significant ramifications.
14 hours ago | CNBC
What debt ceiling woes could mean for Social Security benefits
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen made headlines this week with an op-ed suggesting government checks could run dry if Congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling."Nearly 50 million seniors could stop receiving Social Security checks for a time," Yellen wrote.The House of Representatives has passed a bill to temporarily fund the government and suspend the debt limit. However, that legislation could fail in the Senate. If lawmakers cannot come to an agreement, the government would shut down on Oct. 1.Social Security beneficiaries may breathe a sigh of relief to know that the program's funds will still be there to pay their checks, regardless of what happens with the debt ceiling negotiations, according to Nancy Altman, president of Social Security Works, an advocacy group focused on expanding benefits.
14 hours ago | Yahoo Finance
Existing home sales fall in August
Home sales in the U.S. cooled down in the final month of summer.Existing home sales fell 2% to a seasonally adjusted 5.88 million units in August from a month earlier, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR). July sales were revised slightly upward to 6 million units. The results exceeded analyst expectations of a 1.7% decline, according to Bloomberg consensus estimates. The dip was expected since pending home sales — a leading indicator for actual sales — fell for two straight months, in July and June.
15 hours ago | CNBC
House Democrats propose limit on a popular tech industry tax break
As Democrats seek ways to cover their $3.5 trillion spending package, lawmakers are floating a new limit on a popular write-off for technology startups and other industries.Created to spur investment in certain types of smaller companies, so-called qualified small business stock allows founders, early employees and investors to write-off up to 100% of stock gains — exempting up to $10 million or 10 times their initial purchase price — when they sell.For example, let's say an employee received 1,000 shares worth $1 million in 2013 and sold them for $11 million in 2018. Typically, they would owe capital gains taxes on the $10 million growth. However, qualified small business stock may allow a full exemption.
15 hours ago | Yahoo Finance
Robinhood’s new crypto wallet lets customers loose in the crypto sector
Investing app Robinhood (HOOD) said Wednesday it will provide a crypto wallet for customers, letting them send and receive crypto assets off its platform. Officially live in early 2022, the service gives an entirely new set of retail investors keys to the crypto sector. With this added access comes risks for customers and the chance the company is changing how users interact with its platform.The announcement comes after reports that Robinhood is publicly beta testing a wallet service, something customers have requested over the past year.
15 hours ago | Yahoo Money
Mortgage Rates Are On The Rise Today | September 22, 2021
The average rate on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage increased to 3.251% today, up slightly from yesterday. The rate for a 30-year refinance was also higher today, moving up to 3.386%. All other fixed-rate loan categories saw rate increases as well, while adjustable-rate mortgages saw mixed rate movement.Although interest rates are slightly higher today, they are still attractive for borrowers with strong credit whether they are applying for a new mortgage or refinancing their current home loan.
15 hours ago | CNBC
Op-ed: Here's how financial advisors can navigate investors through uncertainty
In a world that's rapidly changing and becoming more uncertain than ever, the financial advisory industry has a great opportunity to become a beacon of trust for investors by helping them navigate through difficult life and financial decisions.The Covid-19 pandemic, combined with the social and economic shifts over the past few years, has impacted every aspect of life and shifted consumers' expectations of business. In fact, businesses are now more trusted than the government, and there is a new mandate for business leaders to take action on critical societal issues, according to the recent Edelman trust survey.Further, the pandemic led to a serious evaluation of life priorities, causing many to change careers, relocate, leave the corporate life altogether or opt for early retirement.
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