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2 hours ago | CNET
Impossible Pork is here! 🐷
Impossible Foods unveiled the plant-based pork product last year. It's finally rolling out to restaurants around the world.
2 hours ago | Bloomberg
Mahaney Not Worried About Departure of Facebook's CTO
Sep.22 -- Evercore ISI Head of Internet Research Mark Mahaney joins Emily Chang to discuss Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer stepping down next year. Mahaney also talks about his new report "Social Butterflies" which looks at engagement across competing social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Snap and TikTok.
2 hours ago | Forbes
Robotics Gets A Jolt From An Open Robotics-Nvidia Partnership
The predesigned algorithms combined the synthetic data allow even the most novice developer or startup to quickly develop robotic platforms.
3 hours ago | TechRadar
Here’s the cheapest Core i3 laptop worth buying for businesses
If you're on the look out for a bargain laptop deal, Officedepot is curerently selling the Asus Vivobook 15 F513 for as little as $380, a saving of $170 (or 30%) with a limit of five per customer. You can pick it from a nearby store in 30 minutes and it comes with free next business day delivery.Why is it such a great deal?This laptop is an excellent all-rounder thanks to a powerful Intel Core i3-1115G4 processor, 8GB of onboard memory, a fast 256GB PCIe SSD and a 15.6-inch full HD display with a whopping 85% screen-to-body ratio. Powered by Windows 10S, it will be compatible with Windows 11 upon release.What are other salient features?It has an Enter key surrounded by a yellow border, which according to Asus “takes center stage when you open the lid”. Given its size, there’s no surprise to find a dedicated numeric keypad as well and despite that, it weighs only 1.7Kg with a maximum thickness of 20mm.
3 hours ago | Venture Beat
LinkedIn’s Top Startups of 2021 spotlights the enterprise data stack
Startups are capitalizing on the growing gaps across enterprise data stacks as the stresses of keeping customers loyal, keeping infrastructure secure, and keeping virtual teams collaborative force rapid change throughout the industry. Sixty percent of LinkedIn’s Top Startups of 2021 see enterprises as the key to the future.Four of the top 10 startups of 2021 focus on improving the future of enterprise work, including Gong (No. 2), Attentive (No. 7), Outreach (No. 9), and MikMak (No. 10). Startups concentrating on improving the way enterprises work include GitLab (No. 20); Scale AI (No. 29); task management platform ClickUp (No. 42); email platform provider Superhuman (No. 44); and SaaS startup Innovaccer (No. 46), who is creating unified health care data. LinkedIn says nearly all honorees are hiring now, and more than half of the available jobs are for remote roles. Among the top 50 startups, Attentive is a pacesetter in remote hiring. Throughout the past 18 months, its remote-first team has grown 375% from 200 employees to more than 950.
3 hours ago | Forbes
Building More Equitable Education Systems With The Help Of AI
AI is already supporting education non-profits in their efforts to provide students with the skills they need for success in college and beyond, and might be the key to enabling lasting change in educational systems worldwide.
3 hours ago | BBC
'Side-eying Chloe' Clem to sell iconic meme as NFT
The image of Chloe Clem could fetch her tens of thousands of dollars at auction.
4 hours ago | BBC
Extremists using video-game chats to spread hate
Campaigners say including extremist narratives among everyday conversations can be a pathway to radicalisation.
4 hours ago | Bloomberg
Ford to Make Renewable Vehicles With Redwood Materials
Sep.22 -- JB Straubel, co-founder and CEO of Nevada-based Redwood Materials, joins Emily Chang to talk about how his company will help reuse key ingredients within lithium-ion batteries that will power Ford's fleet of electric vehicles.
4 hours ago | Bloomberg
The Race for Global Vaccinations
Sep.22 -- Alexander Hardy, CEO of biotech company Genentech, talks about how important global partnerships are in the fight against COVID-19 and how his company is helping out. He speaks with Emily Chang on "Bloomberg Technology."
4 hours ago | Forbes
iOS 15.1 Public Beta 1 Brings Back SharePlay, Puts Your Vaccination Card On Your Phone
This beta brings back some features from the original iOS 15 beta, plus some new features of its own.
4 hours ago | Digital Trends
Midnight Mass review: Haunting series’ follow-up is a holy terror
Mike Flanagan’s projects are quickly becoming a Halloween tradition on Netflix, thanks to a pair of terrifying limited series collectively known as “The Haunting anthology” that premiered to rave reviews in October 2018 and 2020. Following the success of those series, The Haunting of Hill House andThe Haunting of Bly Manor, Flanagan brings another stylish thriller to the streaming service just in time for Halloween this year titled Midnight Mass.Along with offering plenty of fascinating narrative twists to go along with its big frights, Midnight Mass delivers the sort of smart, character-driven scary story we’ve come to expect from one of the genre’s most talented storytellers.Written and directed by Flanagan, Midnight Mass is a seven-part series set on an isolated island where the arrival of a new priest and the return of a former resident with a troubled past seem to coincide with the occurrence of miraculous, supernatural events that begin to shape the local community. As a sinister shadow begins to loom large over the events transpiring on the island, its residents grapple with issues of faith, grief, redemption, and morality in the modern world.
5 hours ago | Bloomberg
Facebook CTO Steps Down
Sep.22 -- Bloomberg's Kurt Wagner discusses the departure of Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer, what it means for the social networking company and who will take his role. He speaks with Emily Chang on "Bloomberg Technology."
5 hours ago | Forbes
Can Doctors Truly Be Replaced By Technology?
Robots, artificial intelligence, autonomous technology—all incredibly powerful concepts that are dominating the current realm of innovation.
5 hours ago | Forbes
Facebook Picks New Chief Technology Officer, Andrew Bosworth—A Zuckerberg Favorite
Andrew Bosworth, who has known Mark Zuckerberg since Harvard, will focus on the company's new virtual reality projects even as it contends with renewed criticism about its core platform.
5 hours ago | Venture Beat
The state of MLOps in 2021 is dominated by startups
Enterprises’ urgent need is for startups to help solve getting more machine learning (ML) models into production. That’s because 87% of data science projects never make it into production. Algorithmia’s 2021 enterprise trends in machine learning of 750 business decision-makers found 22% say it takes between one and three months to deploy an ML model into production before it can deliver business value. Furthermore, 18% say it takes over three months to get a model into production. Delays getting ML models into production are symptoms of larger, more complex problems, including lack of production-ready data, integrated development environments, and more consistent model management. According to IDC, 28% of all AI and machine learning projects fail because of these factors. Closing the gaps in MLOps and across the entire model lifecycle process creates a lucrative new market opportunity for startups, valued at $4 billion by 2025. According to Dr. Ori Cohen’s research, there’s been $3.8 billion in funding already.
5 hours ago | TechRadar
Best ways to share big files in 2021: Cloud sharing large folders made simple
If you've just recorded a home video or created the ultimate mix tape – a digital version of that old chestnut, of course – no doubt you'll be eager to share it with your friends and family.Depending on the size and number of files you need to send, this can be a problem. For instance, Gmail only allows you to attach files of up to 25MB in total to email messages. Not to mention the fact that large files will quickly eat into your storage space quota while lurking in your Sent folder!If you need to send big files online, there are plenty of good ways to do so without running into trouble – and we’ve highlighted 12 of the best here, the vast majority of which are free (though they tend to have premium tiers if you want to pay for an improved service)."What?" I hear you say. What does a VPN have to do with sharing large files? Well, unbeknown to many, some internet service providers (like Virgin Media) use broadband traffic management to moderate upload bandwidth (rather than download).
5 hours ago | TechRepublic
Storage for unstructured big data should be part of a company's strategy
Unstructured data is used to pictorially document key events, capture paper-based documents in a digital free-form format and report on company operations through sensors and other Internet of Things devices. Yet, a 2020 survey of C-level executives conducted by NewVantage revealed that only 37.8% of companies surveyed felt they had created a data-driven culture, and over half (54.9%) felt that they could not compete with other companies in the areas of data and analytics. SEE: Snowflake data warehouse platform: A cheat sheet (free PDF) (TechRepublic)"About 43% of all data that organizations capture goes unutilized, representing enormous untapped value in regard to unstructured data. The importance of understanding, integrating and exploiting that unstructured data is critical to business efficiency and growth. Unstructured data serves little purpose unless it is put to good use," saidJeff Fochtman, senior VP of marketing at Seagate, which provides AWS S3 storage-as-a-service. Fochtman was talking about the challenge of managing unstructured, big data, which he said represents 90% of all data worldwide in 2020 according to research conducted by IDC.
6 hours ago | Digital Trends
Fantastic Beasts 3 now has an official title and 2022 release date
Nearly three years ago, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, the most recent installment in the Harry Potter prequel film series, left moviegoers with a big cliffhanger. Now, we know when the next sequel will arrive. Warner Bros. has announced that Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore will hit theaters on Friday, April 15, 2022.Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling is once again collaborating with screenwriter Steve Kloves on the script. David Yates, the director of four Harry Potter films and both of the earlier Fantastic Beasts movies, is also returning to helm The Secrets of Dumbledore.Eddie Redmayne is reprising his role as Newt Scamander, alongside Jude Law as the young Albus Dumbledore. Katherine Waterston will also be back as Tina Goldstein, alongside Dan Fogler as Jacob Kowalski, Alison Sudol as Queenie Goldstein, Ezra Miller as Credence, Jessica Williams as Professor Eulalie Hicks, and Callum Turner as Theseus.
6 hours ago | Forbes
InnovationRx: The Fall Equinox; Plus, U.S. Donates Covid-19 Vaccines
InnovationRx is your weekly digest of healthcare news. Sign up!
6 hours ago | Forbes
"Israel" Trending On Twitter After Congress Pulled Funding For Iron Dome
Conservative politicians took to Twitter on Wednesday afternoon to show their support for Israel, after the Democratic Party leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives removed about $1 billion of funding for the Middle Eastern nation's Iron Dome defense system
6 hours ago | TNW
Historical strategy game Victoria 3 will simulate the slave trade. Should it?
Paradox Interactive's upcoming historical grand strategy title, Victoria 3, will ship with a fully-functioning slave trade system. We have some thoughts.
6 hours ago | TechRepublic
Glassdoor CEO: Acquisition of Fishbowl will be good for job seekers and employers
TechRepublic's Karen Roby spoke with Christian Sutherland-Wong, CEO of Glassdoor, about his company's acquisition of Fishbowl. The following is an edited transcript of their conversation.Christian Sutherland-Wong: We're excited to announce the acquisition of Fishbowl, which is a fast-growing social network for working professionals, where people can come and have real candid and meaningful conversations with other professionals. These are people who could be your colleagues or people in the same industry as you.SEE: IT expense reimbursement policy (TechRepublic Premium)The heart of what Fishbowl does is it creates workplace transparency, get those questions you wanted to answered and what's going on in your company, or what's going on in other companies. And this has been the heart and core of what we do at Glassdoor for over a decade now. And so with this acquisition, we're excited to be writing the next chapter in workplace transparency.
6 hours ago | Forbes
The New Precision – At Scale
The most pressing challenges humanity faces, from climate and equity, to infrastructure and pandemic, are both global and local, both urgent and long-term. To address them, we need pinpoint precision at planetary scale, which requires combining technology with a geographic approach.
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